Saturday, December 17, 2016

Make A Real Difference For The Holiday Season...

Brian Joseph Johns
It has recently come to my attention on Care2 the plight of a young lady named Gemma. Gemma is herself a mother of a two year old daughter. Gemma was recently diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 Cancer.

As is the case with my story What Different Eyes See, the form of treatment that could potentially save Gemma is not available in her native United Kingdom. Immunotherapy, a relatively new form of Cancer treatment is available in various places around the world but unfortunately for Gemma and many others, it is not available to her in the United Kingdom.

This is at the heart (with wings) of this post. For this holiday season maybe you might consider helping Gemma through the Gemma Nuttall Cancer Fund and by signing this petition to bring this innovative Immunotherapy treatment to the United Kingdom.

Gemma Nuttall Cancer Fund at GoFundMe.
Help cancer patients like Gemma Nuttall by making Immunotherapy available in the UK at

If you don't want to be bothered reading any further I urge you to please share Gemma's links above with as many people as you can. An opportunity to make a big difference in the world this holiday season.

You may wish to look through the many cases through which a donation might help at the Medical Wing of GoFundMe.

One of the most important aspects of medical treatment are the treatments themselves and that takes research. You might want to consider donations for research as well through the Cancer Research Institute and the Princess Margaret Foundation both of which the Butterfly Dragon have supported from the release of the first book. Sick Kids Foundation too are a great way to make a difference if you're looking to fund those who help make a difference for the children of the world.

On of the leading motivations for writing What Different Eyes See was to address the issue that as medical advances overcome some of the greatest threats to our health and longevity, how is it that existing medical facilities around the world can keep up offering these innovations to all.

Most rights declarations, a document present in most every country of world and the United Nations express that all citizens have a right to health. How are these advances going to be available to match the demand for such new treatments in their respective countries? How are they going to be available regardless of income level?

In What Different Eyes See, the research company Tynan And Associates has come up with a potential cure for nearly every degenerative disease including Cancer itself. The problem is that the cure cannot be made available to everyone everywhere because of financial limitations of both patients and medical facilities world wide. So a team come up with the idea to create a world wide investment fund that would pay for this treatment for anyone in any part of the world. It become apparent that there are in fact more hurdles than not and mostly ones that have been constructed of prior prejudices with regard to division along the Western and Eastern hemisphere. The story is about overcoming that hurdle to make the treatment available everywhere.

One of the great technologies of our time has definitely been that of information technology. It allows us to share information at nearly the speed of light to any place in the world with nearly any number of people in the world.

This is why I am exploiting this technology to share Gemma's story with you and perhaps share the possibility that she might get the greatest gift of the holiday season. The gift of life. I'm thankful that her story was brought to my attention because it is the perfect example of what I am talking about in the story.

I always intended The Butterfly Dragon (here) and A Lady's Prerogative to be vehicles to actually give power to words. To make the the ideas and concepts that my books and stories deal with and their solutions a reality. Gemma's story is certainly such a case and one with which to make a big change in the lives of many this holiday season. Thank you to the Care2 site for making this kind of thing possible and to Helen for the letter that started it for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and happy holidays!

I am ever grateful for my readers and the opportunity they bring to affect a greater purpose.

Brian Joseph Johns

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