Monday, June 19, 2017

No Makeup Mondays...

The first in a series of images from The Butterfly Dragon for No Makeup Mondays...

Butterfly Dragon (Heylyn Yates or Ai Yuanlin Ying) as she is...

Credits: Amy Ai Mei Wong (Daz3D facial Morph), Wilmap's Digital Creations (for part of Heylyn's clothing), Daz3D, Women and Men of the world of good hearts (of course), Adobe Photoshop, NVidia iRay Renderer, the world of art and fashion, Kelly, Mir, Yi, Eva, Yaya, Maggie, Lucy, Char, Xuan, Tingting and myself Brian Joseph Johns for the design and editing.

Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More Soon...

Hello to everyone. Just a quick notice that it will be while before I continue What Different Eyes See as a result of a lot of abuse by a local stalking cult I've mentioned many times in prior posts and elsewhere.

I spent the last weekend writing As If Magic Was Enough, a short piece and concise piece for A Lady's Prerogative just so that my readers of that series did not feel left out or neglected.

Not long after I'd started work on it did the harassment and abuse begin, not to mention a lot of identity theft and swapping attempts by the local hate gang I've been exposing in Toronto, Canada. They're actually still going as I write this post.

So instead I've been working on Shhhh! For Windows where you can see some of my coding progress below using one of the built-in screen capture tools in Shhhh!:

Coding takes me in a different direction and is a good way to stretch and recharge for creative writing. I certainly need that if I'm going to see What Different Eyes See through to the end. So sorry for the delays but it's more to do with abuse from a local gang than anything.

Often my efforts are stolen by a local gang and the credit for my stories is often given to others, while the same gang tries to apply the identity of a narcotics dealer or pirate to my own identity. Seems to be a social cult that steals the identities of others they spy upon illegally. As I've said before, I've reported them to the authorities a few times. Likely it won't be long before they're busted as I've seen it happen before with a different group of people doing the same thing. The cult in question use illegal eavesdropping and identity theft to steal the creative properties or work efforts of others and give those credits to their members. The cult and gang also makes other people pay for the consequences of their cult members' actions in their place. So if they get mixed up in illegal activities, they attempt to put that onto someone else in their proximity often who is not associated with them at all. I've become a victim of this more than a few times and by neighbors in my building, often for someone named Terence or Clarence, both of whom I don't even know.

So it will be a bit before I finish What Different Eyes See (for The Butterfly Dragon) and Evan And The Ironsides (for A Lady's Prerogative).

One thing that I can be very grateful about is the fact that my health seems to be very good as I recently got the results of a blood test back. I thought that I would put my confidence in Western and Eastern medicine and seek a way to help me combat the stress caused by the abuse of this cult and was given a pharmacological solution by a Doctor recently which acts to reduce stress and severe mood swings resulting from stress and social abuse. I'm 49 years old and at 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, I seem to be holding out well and keeping healthy for a guy with green eyes.

In the future after the conclusion of What Different Eyes See, I'll be taking the Butterfly Dragon for a different turn into the real world for a series of articles that will be published here highlighting researchers and treatments and how that world crosses over into other venues like fashion.

Recently in the gaming department I've been hooked on Elite Dangerous: Horizons (as Commander Serene Jeong Tokama) and Skyrim: Special Edition (as an Orient inspired good vampire) spending many (but not nearly all) of my off hours on those two games. As mentioned in What Different Eyes See, the world of medical research has been profoundly impacted by video games in the fact that the improvements of video game hardware and rendering engines have directly contributed to progress in medical equipment, software and research via distributed computing not to mention the stream of dedicated gamers who game to raise money for charities much the same way The Butterfly Dragon does.

Just to note, when a developer releases a title on Steam, they pay a one time fee of $100 which is donated to a Children's welfare charity. Other charitable sites like Humble Bundle have monthly bundles that can be purchased for a price that you choose, with some or all of the proceeds going to charity. I will be speaking of this more in a future article and post.

Anyway, I'll try not to leave Heylyn, Monique, Alicia and Valerie in limbo for too long. I believe they're in the midst of protecting tourists from what appears to be an attack near the Forbidden City in Beijing while the delegations are being escorted to cover by their respective security detail. With two more cities still in their itinerary can the Tynan Delegation uncover Future Tangent Industry's plot and win the support of the Asian Alliance?

Until we visit the story again, perhaps you can help in the name of the memory of some real world heroes: Dana and Christopher Reeve, Princess Margaret Foundation and Sick Kids Foundation.

Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3Z5
416 203-0928

PS: I miss you Helen Yi Chen :-)

Friday, January 27, 2017

A General Announcement And Things To Come...

Just a new message to any readers that I have left here. After a good cleaning of my apartment and a little evaluation I decided to continue my work on What Different Eyes See a lot sooner. You can consider new posts continuing the story from where it left off as the Delegation head off to meet the Chinese and Taiwanese delegation. From there they'll be headed for Korea. I might have made a mistake in the current story timeline which I will correct to match this change. My original assumption that after Bryce Maxwell had made his (legendary) entrance was that the itinerary had changed but I have decided to go with the original itinerary to coincide with the Lunar New Year. The tensions should pick up as Heylyn will meet an old friend in Beijing that will setup part of the storyline of The Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly. The rewrite for the current chapter will take place this weekend and continue in to the new chapter. This post will will be mirrored on A Lady's Prerogative site as well.

Also of note I have decided as well to pen a new tale for A Lady's Prerogative that will be integrated as a new section in the upcoming book A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth. I can't say much about it except to say that it will cover the story of Evan Edwards of the Law Offices of West View and be about his past in England during the Civil war and his part as one of the elite cavalry units under the command of Oliver Cromwell. The legendary Ironsides. It's my tribute to something very precious to me.

There has been some devastating news in the case of Gemma Nuttall and her Cancer case. You can find out details about her case here. I'm hoping that for cases like hers and many more our there that soon such Cancer will be a thing of the past and curable like any disease. The day when we can scoff at Cancer as an inconvenience much like we do about colds. Thanks once again to the Prince Margaret Foundation and the Cancer Research Institute and the many medical Universities for making these goals possible. Thanks to the people and industries as well that inspired me to write The Butterfly Dragon series of stories.

Thanks for your patience and support,

Brian Joseph Johns

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is The Butterfly Dragon

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just A Post To Clarify...

Hi again. It's been a while since I've posted a new update and I've delayed any further additions to What Different Eyes See until I can deal with the issue of stalkers once again.

I have a blog where I actually deal with that issue, expressing everything related to the anguish it causes and describing accurately their organized criminal methodology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am posting this here because I'd like people to know that the person who writes The Butterfly Dragon is also a person who gets stalked, abused and has his identity stolen excessively not by people online but in person in his home city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and despite the fact that I've sought legal assistance with regard to this crime, none has been forthcoming. This is not a delusion nor am I mentally ill or a pedophile, stigmas which gangs that do this sort of like to hide behind to keep their existence hidden.

I've been experiencing this for a very long time now but the worst thing about this crime is that those who do it actually steal the victimization and apply it to someone else in their gang, so my victimization benefits them.

I'm not rich nor have I ever pretended to be. My education is nowhere near that of someone like Professor Bryce Maxwell, Professor Mattu's or that of Professor Sangsorn nor do I pretend it to be. The gang tries to paint me as a fraud for the reason that I'm writing characters with a high degree of education but lacking that same level of education myself. I'm not a black belt myself like Heylyn Yates but I have studied multiple martial arts formally but am far from being an expert. I never was trying to give others the impression that I was. I was creating a world and characters to populate that world to convey a story.

I'm not on the "blue team" as some might say. This gang defines the color blue as meaning that what you say is the opposite of what you mean. I'm not a member of any gang that would define the color blue in that way. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Just to note that while writing this post I was attacked by the gang in my area prompting a loud response to their abuse from me. I think that if Professor Bryce Maxwell was in this situation for as long as I have been and mistreated by this gang for as long as I have been, he'd likely respond to it similarly, gentleman or not. This is a gang that believes that if they can get you to react with anger, that you have "the mark of the beast" or possess "Kane" blood rather than gentle blood. The motive for such abuse is so they can reduce you to their level so that they may share in anything good that you achieve, while keeping you away from those they don't abuse in this regard of whom your lover or love interest might be a member. Sorting people out by gentle blood and hateful or violent blood so that they can divide up a person's good and bad accordingly and worse, their right to attain success in life. Hence its an ideology that creates a market for abusing people who make the most effort because such people who conduct that form of abuse want to share in their effort as if they were part of it themselves. Abusing someone to the point of reaction is their means of doing so and there's no big secret to that. It should be investigated legally much more than it is. I am certainly not against anyone having a belief but I am against someone using that belief as a justification to abuse others and especially for the purposes of theft or stealing their victim's identity. I'm not a violent person by the way but I can be vocal when it comes to being abused. You get like that when it has occurred for years. There's quite a bit of racism mixed up in this as well because said group is often against Caucasian people being in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese, and that's the culture of my love interest.

I'm going to put the identical post on A Lady's Prerogative official blog so that it give some credibility to this activity as a whole.

The blog I use to expose this activity is at

Just in case someone does try to steal this blog or my books, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I am 6 feet all and about 180 lbs. I'm fairly fit. I have green eyes. I'm 49 years old. I'm circumcised. I have no criminal record or prior criminal history so there's no justification for this. As I've said this criminal gang are attempting to swap my identity with that of someone else in the building or my home city of Toronto.

Hence, I won't be posting any updates to What Different Eyes See for about two months. Nor will there be any updates to A Lady's Prerogative for that time as well.

I might post to one of my other story lines located at one of my other blogs at:

I can be reached on facebook at
My twitter account is located at

Oh and hate is not love and love is not hate. I'm not a member of any ideology called "blue hell" nor a part of any ideology that would subject someone to that.