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History Of The Butterfly Dragon

1981 June - The Field, The Bee And The Flower

The first story of the Butterfly Dragon which is narrated by Weltherwithsp in the field where young Ai Yuanlin Ying first meets the ancient Asian dragon. The story takes place long before Ai's arrival to the field and the events of Heroes Of Our Own. It follows the meandering path of a bee seeking to pollinate a flower. Instead the bee happens upon an empty pop can whose odor draws the bee. The story unfolds as the bee attempts to pollinate the pop can while a real flower sits right beside the pop can and watches seemingly frustrated. Written when I was 13 years old.

2012 May - The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own

Published online initially at one of my other blogs it eventually was given its own blog and a full release in 2013.

The first book in The Butterfly Dragon series set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which follows the early life of two childhood friends who grow up to change the world.

Heylyn Yates (Ai Yuanlin Ying) (Owner of West Meet East International Fashion House Toronto)

Doctor Alicia Westin (Quantum Biologist and Biochemical Engineer)

Sylvia Upadhaya (Pioneering Quantum Biologist. At age 16 Alicia meets her at an elderly care facility where she is a resident)

Monique Defleur (Model and Set Design Assistant for West Meet East International) Fashion House Toronto)

Valerie Aspen (Project Analyst  for Corporate Analysis Technology)

Walton Norler (CEO Tynan And Associates)

Greer Torman (Tynan And Associates Board Member)

Mr. Alomera Zek (Multinational Industrialist And Criminal Mastermind)

Professor Bryce Maxwell  (Quantum Physicist and Biologist makes a cameo appearance in the audience of one of Alicia's lectures on Quantum Biology - Complete Edition only )

Hugh Mongus (One of Torman's creations with the SY349)

Jin Hua (One of Ai Yuanlin Ying's early mentors - Complete Edition only)


A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time

A short story that sees Walton Norler arrange a seemingly chance meeting between Alicia and one of her idols, Professor Bryce Maxwell. It turns out that on this night four of Alicia's peers are present and join them at their table. The night quickly turns into a discussion of philosophy, ethics and the direction of research related to the SY349 formula and medicine in general.


Alicia Westin

Walton Norler

Professor Bryce Maxwell  (Quantum Physicist and Biologist)

Doctor Katya and Victor Piotr (Wife and Husband researchers specializing in Phage Therapy)

Zheng Ni Wong (Biologist, Mathematician)

Doctor Nelson Tanner (Medical biologist doing gene therapy research)

Sylvia Upadhaya (Pioneering researcher mentioned by Bryce Maxwell)


What Different Eyes See

A short story and sequel to A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time. This time Alicia, Norler and Valerie put together a plan to create an equal access fund that will encompass the globe to cover the costs for any patient receiving treatments of the newly developed SY389 and its successor the SY390. They put together a delegation to repair the ties regarding medicine, tradition and culture between the West and East. Ai Yuanlin Ying (Heylyn Yates) joins them as an envoy for the Chinese using her status as an internationally recognized icon to assist the plan. As in A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time, the delegation turns into a venue for overcoming some age old hurdles and cultural ignorance between West and East giving both a voice and ears. The delegation travels the Far East making five major stops along its path to encourage the Alliance to approve the creation of the fund.


Helmet Werner (Senior board member and Chairman of Tynan And Associates)

West Delegation
  • Alicia Westin
  • Heylyn Yates (Ai Yuanlin Ying)
  • Monique Defleur
  • Valerie Aspen
  • Walton Norler
  • Professor Bryce Maxwell  (Quantum Physicist and Biologist)
  • Doctor Katya and Victor Piotr (Wife and Husband researchers specializing in Phage Therapy)
  • Doctor Stephen Briggs (Social Psychologist specializing in Mid and Far East history and society)
  • Doctor Zheng Ni Wong (Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology) Only for the Beijing, China part of the delegation
East Asia Delegation (Met in India)
  • Doctor Chandra Bodhi of Sri Lanka
  • Doctor Maeya Dharmaprana of New Delhi, India (F)
  • Doctor Guru Singh Gyan of Singapore, Malaysia
  • Doctor Fardin Choudhuri of Bangladesh
  • Professor Aarav Mattu of New Delhi, India
Thailand Delegation (Including Myanmar and Laos)
  • Professor Dara Sangsorn of Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand (F)
  • Doctor Anuman Yongsaijut Pediatrician Ramathibodi Hospital (M)
  • Doctor Pravat Leekpai of Vientiane, Laos Psychologist/Sociologist (expert on traditional medicine/modern medicine transition issues) (M)
  • Doctor Nanda Cho Zaw of Mandalay General Hospital, Mandalay, Myanmar (F)
Chinese/Taiwanese Delegation
  • Doctor Waitak Te Hong, Chief Medical Researcher Tatung University, Taiwan M - 41
  • Doctor Jiao Lin Soo, Medical Director Beijing Hospital, Beijing, China F - 33
  • Professor Bai Huang He, Professor at Peking University International Hospital, Beijing, China M - 45
  • Professor Jun Ling Jie, Professor Of Philosophy, Guangzhou University Of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China F - 54
South Korean Delegation
  • Nurse Hye Seung Ki, Chief Nurse Seoul National University Hospital, F - 42
  • Doctor Kyung Chul, Chief Physician Asan Medical Center, M - 49
  • Professor Areum Iseul, Professor at Seoul National University Medical Program, F - 38
  • Doctor Joon Myung, Geriatric Specialist at Asan Medical Center, M - 44
  • Advisor Gun Kwan Suk, Pyongyang Ministry Of Medical Affairs North Korea, M - 31 (North Korean Representative)
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