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A brief introduction and few notes about the characters of Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own and Dragon Butterfly.

These characters are not drawn from any other existing characters nor is this fan fiction based upon any characters within the world of other comic book heroes. They have been created from the ground up so to speak and very much are unique as such.

When I was about a third of the way through writing The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own, I decided to try designing their appearance using online multiplayer engines such as DC Universe Online and Champions Online and Marvel Heroes (which doesn't let you design your own characters yet), which allowed me to play with different costume ideas and appearances (I wanted to see them in action). I managed to create some characters that closely resembled what I saw in my head and on occasion I still play them from time to time.

Q: When were the characters and stories first created?

A: Initial the first story, an environmentally themed story which included the field, Weltherwithsp the dragon and one of the bees from the field was the first story written in 1979 at my house in Willowdale, Ontario. I was twelve at the time. Weltherwithsp narrated it while the bee tried to fertilize a discarded pop can having mistaken it for a flower. My parents were the first people to read it. I later wrote another short story set in the field including the little girl who'd become Ai Yuanlin Ying and eventually the Butterfly Dragon.

Q: Who is the Author and how many people are involved in the writing process.

A: I, Brian Joseph Johns am the only official writer of the stories. I live alone and have been single for just over six years as of July 2016. I have no children and have never fathered any so its a lonely world for myself in that regard. Not to mention I often encounter a lot of identity theft/swapping attempts by many people because of the social phenomenon the stories have caused. A few such attempts too by people within my building of residence.

Many people trying to take them including illegal monitoring of my computer too. Paranoid? Not really. Just the truth. Follow me when I'm out and about in my neighborhood some time to find out. They seem to be racists against my love interest being a female member of the Oriental community and who seem to want to force me to be with someone of a different culture of their choosing. They seem to be a cult of some form. Enough of that for now.

Q: Who does the artwork?

A: I work on most of the artwork with the help of some very talented people including Deviant Artist Ai Mei and Wilmap's Digital Creations. I also use sets produced by Inlite Studios and Renderosity. I use a combination of programs like Daz3D, Sculptris, Lightwave 3D and Photoshop to produce the final images.

Needless to say, the characters as are the stories completely original but let it suffice to say that heroism as can be seen down the right hand side of the page, has existed since our beginnings.

The drawings are just for concept and need the attention of a much better visual artist than myself though I did my best.

Alicia Westen (aka Night Style)

Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An innovative and brilliant lab researcher who with a team, invents the SY-300A series formula that imbues clothing with the ability to give the wearer special abilities. The affected clothing can only be worn by those who've used the SY-300B pill, which keys the user's body to the clothing.

Alicia had traditionally been a lady with a heavier frame and bigger hips. She often felt self conscious about her weight and developed a shyness that affected her social life throughout school. Heylyn Yates, a school friend attempts to help her overcome her shyness and self consciousness by designing a dress for her for the Graduation Dance. They become best friends for life as a result.

Alicia having finished her schooling joins a research firm in Toronto, Canada not far from where her former school friend Heylyn Yates runs a fashion firm. By the beginning of the first story: Heroes Of Our Own, they renew their friendship and begin their journey into the world of being superheroes.

She uses the formula upon herself and becomes a superhero by night. It isn't until she reunites with her school friend Heylyn Yates, that she learns the full potential of the formula and its tie to artistic design. Alicia also discovers that the formula can actually cause the clothing to which it is applied, to actually modify the physical features of the person wearing it to become more lean and fit. Alicia occasionally uses this side effect to escape her natural body shape when becoming the Night Style. Eventually she overcomes this and finds happiness and self confidence with the help of her friends and a belief in herself.

Ultimately Alicia's goal is to ensure the SY-300 formula is approved by the various medical approval agencies of the world for its unique ability to repair damaged muscle tissue, even in the case of degenerative diseases or severe fracture or trauma (such as repairing spinal cord damage to musculature and limbic system). It has applications in the fight against Cancer as well.

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Heylyn Yates (Ai Yuanlin Ying which translates to mean Garden of love for a Woman) (aka The Butterfly Dragon the embodiment of the spirit of the dragon within her as a little girl)

Residence: Queen's Quay West And York Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A fashion designer with her own brand/line of clothing who uses her design abilities in combination with the SY-300A formula to create super powered clothing that she and her life long friend Alicia use to retrieve the stolen formula from a corrupt and powerful crime lord.

Heylyn is a talented fashion designer by day, having created some very innovative approaches to design that she had built upon interning under some of the fashion giants during her training. She really begins her design life when she offers to make Alicia's Graduation Dress for their school Graduation Dance. The dress symbolically helps to bring Alicia out of her shell and feel more confident about herself.

Being originally of Chinese descent, her parents emigrated from China in her infancy to Toronto, Canada where she was raised. Upon arriving her father changed their traditional Chinese names to help them better in society and protect them from possible ignorance. Heylyn Yates' real name is Ai Yuanlin Ying. Heylyn is also a martial arts expert having studied several different martial arts from a young age. She studied Kung Fu found in her traditional background to build speed and grace. She studied Goju-Jujitsu Ryu to build her strength and accuracy. She studied Tai Kwon Do to build stamina and determination. She had progressed to the 10th kyu in each of these arts by the time she was sixteen years of age. As she has developed her own martial prowess embracing the arts of many different origins from the Far East of Asia, she has also recently discovered that her ancient family tree had multiple origins from within each of those dynasties as well and her connection to a line of ancient martial protectors.

Dragon Butterfly

Not much is known about the mysterious Dragon Lady as she's referred to by the Police and the press. She arrived not long before Heylyn Yates returned from her trip to the Far East to adopt Warai Jeong-Min Tokama. The Dragon Butterfly is the expression of the fantasy desires of vengeance, violence and punishment of Heylyn though far from heroic. She is regarded as a mass murderer and a pattern serial killer by the authorities.

She takes her one lady mission to the streets of Toronto, hunting rapists, abusers and more recently crack cocaine dealers that prey upon or have wronged women violently in some way shape or form.

She is a master martial artist exceeding the abilities of even the ancient masters themselves. She is absolutely fearless and ruthless, being the manifestation of everything Heylyn Yates subconscious desires as a means for dealing with such crimes. Heylyn instead has chosen the path of justice. albeit vigilante justice.

The Dragon Butterfly's goals are as deftly hidden and concealed as her past and she changes herself often enough to keep her pursuers in the dark. She engages the city in a murder spree targeting only those she's selected for this vengeance and often playing the media sensationalism to her benefit. There is much more to her though than meets the eye and her plans are as elusive as she is herself.

Dragon Butterfly purposely dresses provocatively, using her sexual attractiveness as a weapon against her targets. She is a caricature of what her targets most desire. With any encounter, she always takes charge very quickly. Unlike Heylyn, she can always be found in high heels and extremely short skirts and exposed small shirts. Most of her body is covered in elaborate dragon scale tattoos. She is able to change her form from her supernatural abilities, taking the appearance of the Porcelain Doll, her beautiful and seductive alter ego. The Porcelain Doll sports no tattoos and is always dressed completely in a tight white silk gown. Only her black and tinted hair contrasts this. The Porcelain Doll is the antithesis of the Dragon Butterfly, feigning innocence and naivety as a means of seduction.


Just as the Dragon Butterfly is the diametrical opposite of The Butterfly Dragon (Heylyn Yates aka Ai Yuanlin Ying), so is Witherwyrm the diametrical opposite of Weltherwithsp. Witherwyrm takes on the form of a dark and shapeless speeding shadow in the form of a giant black snake that follows the Dragon Butterfly everywhere she goes. It both acts to protect her and to assist in dealing with foes too far dispersed to be dealt with by the one lady herself. It instills terror upon those who become aware of it and few who have witnessed its existence have lived to speak of it. Too fast and elusive to be taken on by any means other than to flee, though even that is futile in itself as many victims have discovered far too late.

Warai Jeong-Min Tokama (Introduced in The Butterfly Dragon: Dragon Butterfly)

Warai, a little girl became orphaned at the age of five when her parents Lee Jeong-Min Tokama, her Mother and Akito Tokama, her Father died in an automobile accident on the island of Tsushima, Japan. She had been left with a caregiver by her parents prior to the accident who upon receiving notice of their death turned the little girl over to a child welfare agency in Tsushima. After some investigation of records, it was found that Warai was a distant relative of Heylyn Yates, the famed fashion designer and resident of Toronto, Canada. Heylyn is contacted about the orphan's crisis which she decides to see if she can help. Heylyn travels to Japan and Korea in hopes of helping the little girl, who seems to be aware of both Heylyn's alto ego, the Butterfly Dragon and of Weltherwithsp (whom she calls Welly).

Weltherwithsp (aka The Butterfly Dragon a traditional fairy tale told to small children in the Orient, Scandinavia, Celtic and Welsh traditions. Possibly Maori as well.)

Other names: 蝴蝶龙, バタフライドラゴン, 나비 드래곤, ผีเสื้อมังกร, The Butterfly Rồng, Y Ddraig Glöynnod Byw and The Butterfly Drage.

Weltherwithsp is the cumulative manifestation of the Butterfly Dragon as told to young people in many places all over the world (in the world that the stories take place within). Weltherwithsp plays an important role in many of the stories with Heylyn and Alicia as Weltherwithsp has access to abilities which allows it to see into the minds of others, know the intent of others, see into the future or even become terrifying driving even the most courageous to a cowering lump of fear.
Weltherwithsp is bound to the protection of innocence and especially children, often nurturing wonder and curiosity in them with it's poetic and whimsical use of language. It appears like an elongated flying serpent with a large head and two beautiful butterfly's wings, drawing its appearance more from traditional Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Celtic, Welsh and even Nordic and other mythos common to Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand.

Valerie Aspen (aka Valkyra)

Residence: Queen West Village, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A talented business school graduate and stunning beauty, Valkyra quickly rose through the ranks of the corporate world to find herself amongst the elite of financing. She met Greer Torman who used her to further his own career, dumping her when he'd stolen and absconded with the SY-300 formula. She also became imbued with its power to become Valkyra named after the famed Valkyrie, the mythical Norse warrior women.

By book two, she has formed her own company, Daring Corporate Analysts, specializing in corporate strategic analysis and the evaluation of the operating business model of her clients.

Eventually she is betrayed and teams up with Alicia and Heylyn to help them retrieve the SY 300 series formula from Greer Torman.

Monique Defleur (aka Strawberry Eclipse)

Residence: Queen's Quay West and York Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A girl of mixed French and Ukrainian descent from a rough neighbourhood Toronto, where Heylyn Yates, her friend and current employer operates as a fashion designer. Having escaped from a dangerous relationship, Monique was discovered by Heylyn who hired her as a model, mentoring her and taking her from the life that nearly destroyed her. Monique is a social and flirtatious lady who is still learning her limits. Since being hired she was given a condo unit near Heylyn's to protect her from the possibility of incursions from her old neighbourhood boyfriend. She is loyal and fearless though ultimately looking for her one true love. She is monogamous and dedicated despite her flirtatious nature. The life of the party, and where there's no fun, she makes it. Heylyn decides to take this girl under her tutelage and guide her onto a less self destructive path.

Walton Norler

Residence(s): Lives in Toronto, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal. 

Has modest residences or condos in Calgary, Dartsmouth, St. John's, New York, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Dubai, Shanghai, Hongkong, Seoul, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Sydney, Perth.

A philanthropic business mogul who seeks to change the world for the better through the powers of finance. He is morally conscious of his effects upon the world and seeks to better it in every way that he can. He secretly funded the SY-300 program and took over the entirety of the funding upon a breakthrough with the formula. Torman discovered Norler's funding and sought to steal the formula for himself. Norler funded an expedition to recover the stolen formula with the help of a secret Government agency.

Greer Torman

Residence: Hamilton

A morally corrupt business man seeking the easy dollar and the quick fortune. Torman first rose to power in finances through a remarkable plan where he sought to use street hoods to affect the market prices of companies that traded publicly. He would target high value companies using his "private army" to reduce public and shareholder confidence driving the stock value down to buy them for himself. Once done the prices would climb and he would make a fortune on the sale. He discovered the secret SY-300 research program and stole the formula fleeing to an island resort to seek the assistance of a contact in reverse engineering it.

Mr. Alomera Zek

Residence: Treadwater Resort Island (South Atlantic Ocean Near Gulf Of Mexico)

Mr. Zek is from a different class of industrialists and entrepreneurs who started with an idealistic approach to doing business and preserving the interests of other growing economies. He was gradually transformed from his stance over time, to become one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. Zek drew many enemies during his ascent and stepped away from philanthropy and idealism and adopted a blackmail policy to deal with any conflicts. He bought an island resort in order to protect all of his offshore interests and shady business dealings, His property houses the single largest and most complex database of blackmail related material in the world, with cross referenced/relational entries so he can deal with any threat, political, business or criminal with blackmail rather that brute force. He also uses it to manipulate any forces in opposition to his goals. Failing those options he goes ahead with violence, Greer Torman is a pawn for him in the battle for financial world domination, He sees the SY-300 formula as the means to achieve his goals and welcomes a deal with Torman to take the technology.

Kori Jonglyu

Residence: Sheppard Av and Yonge Street, Toronto. Bachelor time shares in Los Angeles, United States and Seoul, Korea (her initial home).

A beautiful visual arts graduate who was hired by West meet easT a year and a half prior to Monique's arrival. She started out doing set design for many of the photo shoots taking place at their studios, but eventually found herself modeling more often than not based upon demand. She still doubles as a set designer though most of her career focus has transferred to the lucrative modeling world. Very much an optimist with wit and character to match her beauty. She first befriended Monique when she arrived and was introduced to Delia Welmer. The three have been friends and peers ever since.

Delia Welmer

Residence: Queen Street West Loft, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The stunning red haired Delia first caught the eyes of staffers at West meet easT with a her stunning initial portfolio. Having a very unique look caught their attention initially and resulted in her being hired for a series of shoots as a try out for a full time position. She wowed the studio and the shoots were a great success leading to her full time employment. More the sultry seducer of the West meet easT, she is now in high demand in many of the designers' night wear and lingerie lines of clothing.

SY-300 Series Formula by Tynan And Associates

The SY-300 series began in a private research facility that was being funded by Tynan And Associates, an investment and holdings firm overseen by Walton Norler and Greer Torman. It started with the SY-349 A and B formula with the letters A and B represented the stages required for the formula to work upon its subject. Although many had worked upon the program, it was Alicia Westen's brainchild and she'd developed the idea in the laboratory while working on another small project.

The goal of the program was to combat or cure degenerative tissue and muscular diseases like Muscular Dystropy and Lymphoma Hodkin's during early development. It worked in two stages, on a supplement taken in pill form which when ingested, dyed the cellular, hormonal and blood production centers of the body with a receptor, which allowed the stage two formula to have its effect upon the body.

The stage two was not taken internally but applied to an external garment that the subject would be required to wear for the entirety of the course of their treatment. During this time, the parts of the body that were affected by the stage one treatment would become transformed, falling back to a hidden copy of their dna structure by taking advantage of quantum non-locality and the interference patterns resulting from the interaction between the stage one affected biology and the stage two treated garment.

A side effect of this means of application was that the effectiveness of the treatment could be shaped by an artist. This initially caught Alicia off guard and she often referred to it as the Westen Placebo effect, due to the fact that she thought these findings were purely psychosomatic. After researching the qualities and effects of the two staged formula, she had come to the conclusion that there was a relationship between aesthetics and the effectiveness of treatment. The SY formula was just the first place where it was actually amplified enough that the results showed up in the data. She tested her theory by taking the stage on formula herself and then applying the stage two formula to a stylish suit that her school friend Heylyn Yates, a gifted fashion designer had given her when her designs became a resounding success at her first big fashion showing.

Alicia found that the design of the garment whether it be a full set of clothing, jewelry or even just a treated cloth, that depending upon how it was artistically designed, it would have different effects upon the biology of the person who wore it. After testing the formula on herself, she found that the formula had transformed her physique, causing her to lose her excess weight (as she called it) a slight weight problem she'd had since childhood that had left her self conscious and isolated from her fellow students. Her physique had over the course of a few hours been transformed to that of an Olympic class athlete. The formula had modified her hormonal glands removing the glitch in her metabolic system which resulted in the excess storage of fat. It had also caused the body to transform her muscle tissue to an original copy of her own genetic code, that had no perturbations whether it was a first generation cell or a hundredth generation cell. The formula managed to maintain perfect cellular mitosis while not hindering positive natural mutations.

Since its discovery, the SY series of formulas has cured many people of problems related to cellular tissue and muscular degradation making it a miracle cure. It has been developed in three different versions, each enhancing the beneficial effects upon the subject/patient in each successive version. The SY-349 was the first in the series followed by the SY-369 and in the book The Butterfly Dragon: Dragon Butterfly, Alicia is gearing up for the approval and release of the SY-Beta series which is the second generation version of the formula which she personally designed at the molecular level, one atom at a time.

West Meet East International

The fashion company formed by designer Heylyn Yates after a stunning success with one of her early shows. She signed a distribution deal with four major garment manufacturers and distributors which allowed her to finance her own design company which currently employs thirty people in her home city of Toronto.

The West Meet East offices are located in downtown Toronto in an old office building she had renovated to her design. It includes a reception area and showroom, three studios for photo shoots, change rooms and make up areas for her models, a sewing room, an auditorium for fashion shows complete with a stage. Creative recreational rooms for her employees to brainstorm new ideas.

From her offices she works on her designs and collaborates with others from her company and other design houses.

The company philosophy is a meeting of the traditions of the East and the West.

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