Here you can find links to all of the past short fiction that takes place in the Butterfly Dragon storyline. Of particular interest you may find The Lost And The Found a light but compelling read that introduces the characters of The Butterfly Dragon to the characters and settings of A Lady's Prerogative. Each chapter is written centered around the perspective of either storyline giving the same story a multiple point of view.

A Lady's Prerogative: The Lost And The Found (Started June 2016 by Brian Joseph Johns)

Part 1: The Paintings And The Voices
Part 2: Librum Universalis Codex
Part 3: The Emperor's Message
Part 4: Abducted
Part 5: Pacific Portal
Part 6: Battle Of Words And Giggles

The Butterfly Dragon: The Lost And The Found (Started June 2016 by Brian Joseph Johns)

Part 1: Monique's Diary May 25, 2008
Part 2: Insertion
Part 3: Ship Of Fools
Part 4: Investigation And The Dragon
Part 5: The Visitor
Part 6: Clash Inside And Out

Recent Stories

A Full Glass, A Piano And The Disappearance Of Time July 2016 by Brian Joseph Johns

There are coincidences and then there is serendipity. What was meant to be but the means by which such coincidence occurs the universe keeps well hidden from us. Even from researchers like Alicia Westin. The same secrets that conceal how her career defining discovery works. Yet she doesn't even fully understand it herself despite having designed the SY349. So Norler convinces Alicia to go to a mysterious bar to meet with one of her inspirations, a brilliant Physicist and Researcher who moonlights as a lounge pianist and performer. The answers she finds there are transcending.

What Different Eyes See November 2016 by Brian Joseph Johns

There had existed a bridge between which the members of two ancient tribes would find middle and common ground for their mutual betterment. Norler and Alicia set out on a mission to rebuild this bridge utilizing the allegory Medical Science and Eastern Medicine to break down the barriers between the West and the East. They call upon the help of some of their peers, including Professor Bryce Maxwell and Heylyn Yates to rebuild the Silk Road through a special fund proposal that will make Cancer treatment available to everyone on a per need basis. They've got to convince the East to join in on this effort. The spiritual sequel and successor to A Full Glass, A Piano And The Disappearance Of Time.

Past Stories

These are typically pieces of short fiction (some in poetic form) involving characters from the Butterfly Dragon universe. Some are in short story fiction format while others are in poetic format (especially the early ones).

The Two Minds July 2015 by Brian Joseph Johns

The difference in thought between The Butterfly Dragon and Dragon Butterfly is explored in a short story.

In The Most Unlikely Of Places December 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

(This short story made it into soon to be released The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own Full Edition Remastered with many additions to Alicia's backstory)

A teenaged Alicia meets two new friends, young Heylyn Yates and the elderly Sylvia, an aging retiree native of India. Both of these Women will change her life forever.

Of Butterflies: Crushed Wings Heal November 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

Some butterflies fall through the field and into the depths. Only to be exploited by those who've such an appetite for doing so. To break them and see them broken and knowing that when they defend themselves harshly against such treatment, they'll succumb to guilt and reward their very abuser.

Butterflies are resilient and even the most broken of wings can heal. With the help of another butterfly.

Valkyra's Deal November 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

It's been a while since Valerie got over being possess by Grier Torman during the infamous Treadwater incident. Having someone else inside of her brain pulling the stings. Like a puppet. He's gone and even dead now but Valerie's real test is to convince everyone that she's not a flash in the pan. As a successful business Woman and entrepreneur did she just ride on Torman's coat tails or can she make her own deal. Her nemesis returns from the grave to challenge once more.

The Dragon Butterfly November 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

The short poetically delivered story that resulted in the character Dragon Butterfly. Heylyn Yates finds her own counterpoint in this compelling and short story.

Someone Remembered November 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

Alicia and Norler have applied to the Food And Drug Administration for approval of the SY-349 treatment program. Many are against this radical new approach to medicine that combines Quantum Physics with modern Eastern and Western Medicine. Even those that chair the board who will ultimately decide whether the SY-349 will become a legitimate treatment in North America. Unless one of those on the board has reasons to believe in such a innovative treatment and the sacrifice that made it possible. Like the veterans who'd saved lives. Fixed so many only to become broken themselves. Lose their legs. Their arms. Their sight. Will someone remember in time? Delivered in poetic form.

Practice Makes Perfect November 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

A man. A dream. The only barrier between him and his goal is practice. And Alicia as Night Style. Can she figure out the mystery before it's too late? Prevent death? Only practice makes perfect but when it comes to death and murder, there's no room for error. Poetic delivery.

Her Bedtime Story October 2014 by Brian Joseph Johns

An erotic dancer relies upon a drug to keep her going through the night except her dealer is a real killer. Can the Butterfly stop the killer drug and a serial murderer? Only Walter Wisp knows for sure. Poetic delivery.

The Field, The Butterflies And The Dragon (January 2013 by Brian Joseph Johns first appearing on another one of my blogs)

Delivered in the form of a children's story bed time story (although I've never had any children myself).

Meilì De Zhìhuì an immigrant to North America from China and Ai Yuanlin Ying's Grandmother used to tell her the story of the field. She brought the ancient story with her and told it to Ai just as her ancestors had told it to her. All the way back to ancient China and the Song dynasty and much much earlier. But really it was a story for all children and for those whose survival may depend upon beauty, vanity and artistry.

The butterflies that lived in the field with the other creatures. Mice and snakes. Birds, hornets and worms. These creatures laughed at the butterflies because of their lack of worth in protecting the field. They were not warriors and they could not fight! They could not bite, sting or peck their enemies. After all, their only abilities were physical beauty, vanity and artistry.

So how is it then that the delicate butterflies saved the field from the dangerous animal collectors?

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